Virginia Cattle Industry Events: The VCA Cattle Field Day

Explore the details of the Virginia Cattlemen’s Association Cattle Field Day for the Virginia cattle industry.

Producers in the Virginia cattle industry recently attended the Virginia Cattlemen’s Association Cattle Field Day on July 7th. Held in Rosedale, Virginia, at the Stuart Land and Cattle Company, it was a fruitful day of information, meetings, and industry awards for area beef producers. Explore what your fellow ranchers and cattle industry members learned below.
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USDA News You Can Use: Promoting US Agriculture Overseas

US Agriculture gets a boost from the USDA both at home and abroad; find out how the USDA has been advancing your ag operation as of late.

The USDA provides an array of services to US farmers and ranchers on American soil, but they also put time, people, and other resources into promoting US Agriculture in overseas markets as well. From working with close neighbors like Brazil and Cuba to advocating for American ag interests in the far corners of the globe, the USDA is always working to promote US Agriculture. Below are some of the latest achievements of the USDA for US farmers and ranchers abroad.Read More

AgAmerica Team Heads to Field Day for Georgia Pecans

As the industry continues to expand, Georgia pecans will be front and center at the Growers’ Fall Field Day on September 8

The pecan industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Pecans are a big ag commodity in Georgia, and the numbers show that Georgia pecans are the fastest growing segment in the pecan industry. The thousands of newly planted acres of Georgia pecans will likely be front and center at the Georgia Pecan Growers Fall Field Day this September 8 in Baconton, Georgia. Pecan growers and industry leaders from all over the state will converge to discuss central themes affecting producers. AgAmerica Lending senior correspondent lender Ethan Cooper plans to also attend and confer with growers on the issues they face in the field. See a preview of the event’s topic below.Read More

Money Minute: Make the Most of Your Cattle Ranch Loan

These ‘best practices’ in land and livestock can help you put your cattle ranch loan to good use.

Running a cattle ranch isn’t an easy endeavor, but there are some practices that can help you to make the most of your cattle ranch loan. Burke Teichart, a cattle ranch consultant and speaker, outlines his seven keys to ranch profitability in a BEEF article. Read a summary of each of these best practices below.
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Ag in the News: Ag Business Management Best Practices

Recent USDA news offers insight for managing ag business and farm operation energy use

The USDA is always working to improve agriculture in the U.S. and beyond. These efforts extend to helping small ag businesses expand and succeed. Read more about the latest developments and efforts from the USDA that aim to improve small businesses and ag business management below.Read More

June Events Preview: FCA Annual Convention and the Florida Citrus Industry Annual Conference

June signals the official start of summer, and it also features the annual meetings of two of Florida’s largest commodities: The Florida Cattlemen’s Association Annual Convention and the Florida Citrus Industry Annual Conference. Such conventions, conferences and meetings offer industry participants the opportunity to learn, set policy, network and more. No doubt, attendees to the annual meetings of both important industries in Florida agriculture will have a lot to see, do and discuss.Read More

USDA News You Can Use: USDA Initiatives to Further Agriculture

The United States Department of Agriculture works hard day in and day out to further agriculture in the U.S. in all sectors. They work on developing new technologies, on finding new markets for the products and produce of the nation’s farmers and ranchers, and on ensuring food safety. Keep up-to-date with the innovations and initiatives coming out of the USDA that make agriculture better for all.

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