State focus: Virginia’s top crops and livestock

Explore Virginia’s top crops and livestock commodities that round out the state’s agriculture industry.

Agriculture is the largest industry in the state of Virginia, and there are a variety of crops and livestock commodities that make it up. According to statistics from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS), no other industry in the state comes close to the $52 billion annual impact of Virginia’s top crops and livestock commodities. Read below to find Virginia’s top crops and livestock commodities that fuel the state’s most important industry.Read More

The Many Advantages of High-Oleic Peanuts for Southeast Growers

Explore the advantages that Southeast peanut growers will enjoy when they shift to high-oleic peanuts due to consumer demand.

The peanut industry is on a roll, with high demand for peanuts in both domestic and overseas markets. However, a lot of that demand is for high-oleic peanuts, and the majority of peanut growers in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina grow the Bailey variety, a non-oleic peanut. Seeds for new high-oleic varieties are available, and many growers are contemplating switching the peanut variety they grow. Find all the advantages of new high-oleic peanuts for Southeastern growers below.Read More

The Land Lenders Talk Top Commodities in Virginia

Looking at the numbers, a common Virginia slogan should be “Virginia is for agriculture lovers.” Virginia is a southern state with a diverse offering of mountainous regions, major cities and coastline. With a very temperate climate, major ports and a location between the north and the south, Virginia is a prime ag location.

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