AgAmerica Advocating for Agriculture as Sponsor of Local Corn Maze

Fall is finally here, and that means cooler weather and exciting fall festivities, like corn mazes! At Long and Scott Farms in Apopka, Florida, Scott’s Maze Adventures—featuring an annual corn maze—has been a staple of their agribusiness for 16 years now, and has grown to be one of the area’s most popular corn maze events.

Long and Scott Farms: A True Family Farm

Long and Scott Farms was established in 1963 when Frank Scott Jr. moved to Florida from Virginia, to start the 100-acre farm growing Kirby Cucumbers. Eventually expanding to the 1,200 acres it is today, the third and fourth generations of Scotts are now managing the farming and entertainment agribusinesses.

Keeping the family on the farm and carrying on the traditions of agriculture is a priority for the Scotts. Over the years they have overcome traditional farming obstacles but have also faced the unique challenge government regulation presents. In 1998 they become the sole remaining farm in an area once known for large-scale corn production. As such, they took the opportunity to trademark Scott’s Zellwood Sweet Corn™

The Ins and Outs of the Cornfield Maze

Every year Scott’s Maze Adventures creates two custom corn mazes, a 6.5-acre maze and a half-acre maze, that support the annual theme. Each cornfield maze has a unique design carved into it with twists, turns, and educational stations that help visitors learn about the theme. This year, the theme is Advocating for Agriculture, which is near and dear to the hearts of Long and Scott Farms and AgAmerica Lending— sharing a common goal in celebrating and telling the story of the American farmer.

Before entering the corn mazes, guests will watch a video to learn more about the game and the maze itself. Groups of maze-goers will work together to answer the 22 game sheet questions as you wind your way through the cornfield maze. The game sheet has questions, picture rubbings, and puzzles all supporting the Advocating for Agriculture theme; by the time you leave Long and Scott Farms, we hope you will know more about the role agriculture plays in your life.

AgAmerica advocates for agriculture

This group-oriented event is perfect for school field trips, corporate events, birthday parties, or good old-fashioned family fun. The annual Fall Opening of Scott’s Maze Adventures will be October 6th and the maze will be open Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays, 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. through December 9th.

Once you’ve completed the Advocating for Agriculture corn maze, there are plenty of other farm-related activities designed for family fun at Long and Scott Farms. Be sure to check out the permanent tree maze, super slide, jumping pillow, as well as special play areas for kids. There are even hayrides and fishing for kids for a small additional fee. To round out your day at Scott’s Maze Adventures, a stop by the Scott’s Country Café and Market is a must.

AgAmerica Lending’s Support for Family Farms

As a proud sponsor of this years’ corn maze, we couldn’t be more thrilled to support the spirit of the Advocating for Agriculture theme. At AgAmerica, our mission is to celebrate the critical role of the farmer in America and to champion all that the American farmer represents in a changing world, and it is family farming operations like Long and Scott Farms that continue to innovate and keep the agricultural industry going strong that we are proud to honor. Be sure to stop by and visit the AgAmerica table on October 27th as we will be passing out free goodies for kids to take home!