Get the details of the Adams Ranch Annual B&H cattle auction: the oldest, continuous cattle auction in Florida.

Cattle ranching has deep roots in Florida. The first cattle to step foot in the sandy soils of The Sunshine State did so alongside Spaniard Ponce de Leon in the 1500s, making Florida the oldest cattle state in the country. Adams Ranch honors that legacy with their Annual Bull and Heifer Auction, Florida’s oldest continuous ranch cattle auction. It’s slated for November 9th, with an Annual Field Day on the 8th. See the details of the event below, and make plans to say hello to the AgAmerica team if you plan on going in person.

History of the Adams Ranch and Cattle Auction

The auction and field day are being held at the Adams Ranch, which is located at 26003 Orange Avenue, Fort Pierce, FL 34979. The ranch traces it’s family history back to 1895, when Lenyer Adams travelled to Florida and started the family’s cattle ranching traditions. Alto Adams, Sr. bought the land for the current Adams Ranch and started raising cattle in the 1930s.  

Today, the numbers show that Adams Ranch is one of the top 25 largest cow-calf ranches in the U.S., and the seventh largest in Florida. To date, four generations of Adams family members have had hands-on management roles with the ranch, and future generations are learning the ropes. The “ropes” include respected breeding programs that created the Braford cattle line and other premier seedstock, a tradition of naturally-raised cattle, and conservation programs that preserve the land.

Details of the Field Day and B&H Cattle Auction

The Adams Ranch B&H Cattle Auction has been held for nearly 40 years. The event is marked by the auction, a field day, and much fun and hospitality. Information on the Field Day, held November 8th, include, from the registration page for the cattle auction: “ Join us for a tour of the Adams Ranch and an informal educational program to help you and your ranch improve your herd. Our program this year will include informative presentations by your friends and industry partners.”

The auction is November 9th. Lunch begins at 11:00 a.m. while the auction starts at 12:00 p.m. Bidders are asked to obtain their bidder numbers prior to the 9th, and online bidding is being utilized. Team members from AgAmerica Lending will also be in attendance to answer questions about your cattle financing needs. Be sure to say hello to Don Harden, Blake Averitt, and Evan Atchison.

At AgAmerica Lending, we’re proud to support the local and national events in our ag communities. If you have questions concerning our cattle ranch loans, contact us to speak with a knowledgeable team member.

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