Meet Executive Assistant, Adara Richter

The orchestrator of AgAmerica’s community events and corporate giving campaigns.

When a company is greater than the sum of all its parts, it’s employees like Executive Assistant Adara Richter who work behind the scenes to help the company shine. She joined the AgAmerica team seven months ago as the Executive Assistant to President/CEO Brian Philpot and Vice President Mac Miller. Since then, she has taken on additional duties as well, stepping into the investor and business partner liaison role and heading community events like the company’s recent United Way Campaign. Explore her background, and her thoughts on working at AgAmerica, below.

Adara Richter’s Background

Richter was raised in Lakeland and Plant City, and she graduated from Florida Southern College with a Bachelor’s Degree in English. She and her husband live in Lakeland, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. “I grew up in Lakeland and love calling it home.” she shares. According to Richter, Lakeland has a lot to offer. “The downtown Farmers Market on Saturdays and Mitchells coffee shop are some of my favorite spots!” She adds, “Lakeland is such a beautiful city; I also enjoy running the lake to lake trails, when it’s not too hot, of course!”

The agriculture industry is everywhere in Central Florida, and it made a lasting impact on Richter as a child. “As a kid, I lived in Plant City for a few years and strawberry picking was an annual event. I also have great memories of growing my own peppers, tomatoes, and other veggies in our back yard along with naming the calves that resided in the pasture next to our home,” she shares. That impact has stayed with her. “As an adult, my husband and I are happy to source the majority of our produce from the local Farmers Market,” she adds.

Community Events and Other Job Duties

Richter recently managed AgAmerica’s United Way of Central Florida giving campaign. “Persistence and communication are key,” she maintains. “Everyone gets busy during the day, but providing the “why” and providing it often made for a successful campaign.” She has since moved on to spearheading the Annual Investor Meeting. It “will be a great opportunity to gather our investors and partners and to share exciting company updates” Richter assures.

Richter enjoys being able to put her skill set to use to help both AgAmerica employees and its clients. “Every company project has several moving parts and I am able to see them from the ground up, which has proven to be a great learning opportunity and a way to utilize my organizational skills for the betterment of the company,” she shares.

Richter maintains she gets the opportunity to grow as well. “Working directly with Mac and Brian provides a front row seat in what I like to call Leadership 101. Both of our company leaders are skilled in leading not only the company’s growth, but also the people within the company. I am fortunate to learn from them.”

Thankful at the End of the Day

Companies benefit from good employees, but employees also benefit from good companies. “I am thankful to have found a great team to work with! Everyone is willing to take the time to teach a concept, help with a project, or just hear about how your weekend went,” Richter shares. At the end of the day, it’s fulfilling to find a purpose and a work environment that answers to that purpose, too. “I enjoy coming to work and feel as though I have joined a team focused on a common goal. That sort of atmosphere can be hard to find, and I am thankful that I did!” Richter says.

Everyone at AgAmerica is thankful for Adara Richter as well! If you’d like to explore how our lending team can help your ag operation, contact us to speak with a knowledgeable team member today.