Dr. John B. Penson, Jr.

Advisory Board Member


Dr. John Penson is the Chief Economist at AgAmerica Lending. He became an involved and highly respected Advisory Board member in 2017, while providing counsel to our executive committee. Dr. Penson assumed a full-time role as Chief Economist in June of 2019.

Prior to AgAmerica, Dr. Penson gave presentations on ongoing studies for the Texas Farm Credit District Bank and the Farm Credit Administration Board of Directors in Washington, D.C.  During this time, he stress-tested highly leveraged loans in 26 states. His model is used at AgAmerica to support underwriting functions and look at debt repayment capacity through a two-year projection analysis. Dr. Penson compares this model to driving a car. The rearview mirror represents the underwriting process and analyzes past credit history, whereas the windshield represents the possible outcomes the future holds.

As Chief Economist for AgAmerica, Dr. Penson uses this model to stress test current and potential loan structures and develop a stronger framework for our credit and underwriting process. Through his research, Dr. Penson analyzes and predicts current and potential agricultural trends, updates in legislation, and outlook on top commodities.