Explore the ag banking topics that will be presented at the ABA National Ag Bankers Conference in Indianapolis this November 14th to the 16th, including the workshop where AgAmerica’s President/CEO, Brian Philpot, is a panelist.

Agriculture is at a crossroads, according to the American Bankers’ Association (ABA), and strategies in ag banking for the road ahead will be the focus of this year’s ABA National Ag Bankers Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. Set for November 14th to the 16th, the conference will feature over 40 hours of relevant content exploring important topics such as risk management, new credit and restructuring options, working smarter, and commodity updates. The ABA maintains that it will ready participants for the next cycle in ag banking. Explore an overview of the ag banking topics to be offered below.

Brian Philpot’s Farmer Mac Workshop

Tuesday, November 15th will see the 1:30 to 2:30 workshop featuring AgAmerica’s President/CEO Brian Philpot as one of the panelists. Labeled the ‘Farmer Mac Workshop,’ the panel discussion is geared towards bankers looking for new strategies in ag banking. Brian Philpot will speak as part of a panel of ag lenders who are using new tactics and strategies to realize success. The panel ensures attendees they will leave with “some concrete ideas to turbocharge your ag lending department.”

Additional Conference Topics on Ag Banking

We’ve enjoyed a robust ag economy for the past few years, but many ag economists believe the industry is heading for a downturn. Some of the educational general sessions that examine this topic and its relationship to ag banking include:

  • Is this Farm Downturn Different? “This session will explore factors shaping the future of U.S. agriculture and their impacts on the liquidity and solvency of U.S. agriculture.”
  • Land Values. ”This session will explore the factors driving future farmland values, who’s buying, who’s selling and the risks of eroding farm balance sheets.”
  • Agriculture & Banking at the Economics Crossroads. “Our economic GPS now charts an uncertain course on a road with sign posts up ahead such as ‘Time Out Zone’ that could be potholes or detours, but could also be pathways to opportunity and prosperity for those who are proactive to chart the course.”

Current trends and recent events that have an impact on ag banking are also addressed at the conference. A few of the educational sessions that address the latest headlines and developments include:

  • Refection on the Election: What does it mean for Agriculture? “Veteran educator and speaker, Professor Flinchbaugh is the best known agricultural policy expert in the country. He is well traveled and uniquely qualified to bring his immense knowledge an informed perspective to this discussion of the 2016 election results and what it will mean for agriculture.”
  • Food Industry Trends: Responding to Changing Consumer Attitudes. “Our speaker will share his unique perspective on the food industry, the changing consumer demographics and what people are asking for.”

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