Florida Citrus Crop Forecasts

The first two citrus crop forecasts of the 2014-2015 season, released by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), leave Florida citrus growers feeling pretty upbeat about what’s in store for citrus this season. Production forecasts are holding steady, leaving the citrus industry at-large optimistic.

Word is, groves are in better health with better exterior quality as compared to prior seasons. With the exception of Tangerine production, November’s production forecast remains unchanged as compared to the first report, and points to production stabilization for the industry – a trend that will hopefully prevail as the season continues.

Here’s the latest in citrus from the USDA’s November forecast:

  • Florida All Orange Production Unchanged at 108.0 Million Boxes. If this number remains unchanged, this forecast will be 3% more than last season’s production.
  • Florida Non-Valencia Orange Production Unchanged at 52.0 Million Boxes.
  • Florida Valencia Orange Production Unchanged at 56.0 Million Boxes.
  • Florida All Grapefruit Production Unchanged at 15.0 Million Boxes.
  • Florida All Tangerine Production Down 7 percent at 2.6 Million Boxes.
  • Florida Tangelo Production Unchanged at 900 Thousand Boxes.
  • FCOJ Yield Remains at 1.60 Gallons per Box (42º Brix).

For more information, including fruit droppage rates and maturity levels, check out the comprehensive report conducted by the USDA.

Do you think a negative forecast is on the horizon? Or do you expect production to hold steady this season? Comment your thoughts below!

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