Try these strawberry recipes with all of the fresh strawberries currently being harvested in Florida.

In Florida agriculture, January through March is prime strawberry time. Fields of the juicy sweet berries have ripened to perfection, and the Florida Strawberry Festival is held March 2nd to the 12th in celebration of these sweet red berries. Since strawberries are the nation’s favorite berry too, everyone benefits from fresh Florida strawberries gracing the grocery store shelves. If you’re looking for a few fresh strawberry recipes beyond the tried-and-true strawberry shortcake, look no further!

Interesting Strawberry Recipes

strawberry recipesStrawberry Caprese Skewers with Mint Pesto

Strawberry recipes don’t have to be just strawberry dessert recipes. This recipe combines the sweetness of fresh strawberries, the refreshing flavors of cucumber, and the savory notes of mozzarella cheese with fresh herbs and garlic in a mint-based pesto.

It’s easy to make, light, and flavorful for the start of spring. Find the recipe here.

Healthy Strawberry Recipe

Florida Strawberry Soup

This fun recipe offers a twstrawberry recipesist on traditional soup. Get ready for a day’s worth of vitamins in this recipe that features strawberries, mango, orange juice, and onion.
It may seem strange to add onion to a strawberry recipe, but the fact is that onions enhance flavor. Strawberry farmers even plant onions as a double crop, in-between strawberry rows, to enhance the sweetness of their strawberries.

This strawberry soup is served chilled and offers both flavor and uniqueness. Find the recipe here.

Easy Strawberry Desserts

strawberry recipesStrawberry Ice Cream Recipe

Strawberries and desserts just go hand-in-hand, but strawberries are extra-special when mixed into homemade ice cream. Skip the store-bought and get the whole family together to make creamy homemade ice cream featuring juicy strawberries. Just plan to make this one ahead of time because it does take time to freeze. Find the recipe here.

Try these strawberry recipes and then visit AgAmerica’s Pinterest board, AgAmericaEats, for more recipes featuring the best ag commodities from states across the Southeast.

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