AgAmerica Lending is hitting one out of the park and honoring the baseball farm team tradition with a softball team.

Baseball is America’s favorite pastime, and it’s loved and played by millions the world over. AgAmerica is proud to honor that love of the game by sponsoring a softball team through the City of Lakeland Sports Summer Softball league. Explore the history of baseball farm teams and find out more about AgAmerica’s own softball team.

History of the Baseball Farm Team

The term ‘farm team’ is a metaphor: just as a farm grows crops, a baseball “farm team” grows talent for the major league team it’s affiliated with. The concept started in the 1920s, according to the sports history book “Dollar Sign on the Muscle,” excerpted in a article.

This was when all the minor league teams were independent and privately owned, and talent scouts would roam the country looking for “an arm behind the barn,” as an agricultural field is a good spot for a pickup game of baseball after the day’s farm chores were done.

St. Louis Cardinals’ General Manager, Branch Rickey, is generally credited with seeing that talented players were simply stolen away by minor league teams with more money, and that keeping young talent with a single baseball outfit as they gain experience and acumen on the field would benefit everyone involved.

Farm teams became affiliated with major league baseball teams, and they became venues to give young players experience and ensure the talent would stay with the same baseball team into the major leagues. That way, major league teams could “grow” their talent in the farm team pipeline.

AgAmerica’s Softball Team

AgAmerica’s softball team is a team of both men and women with a passion for the game. The City of Lakeland Sports Summer Softball league is one of three softball leagues the city offers for adults. Games started in May, and run through the summer softball season. Come cheer on the AgAmerica softball team on Tuesday evenings through June 27th in the Co-ed Recreational North bracket.

AgAmerica supports many American pastimes, like baseball and agriculture. We help the nation’s growers to develop and strengthen their agribusinesses using our low interest rates, long amortizations, and an outstanding 10-year line of credit.