The Future of Family Farms – Whitepaper
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AgAmerica_WhitePaper_2015_Families and their Farms


AgAmerica is committed to understanding the needs of today’s farmers and helping you overcome the financial challenges you face. To that end, we commissioned research of fruit, vegetable, citrus and cotton growers across the country to identify and better understand the family dynamics at play in their businesses, their hopes and goals for keeping the business in the family, their timeline for selling the farm and much more.”

“Growers were invited to take this anonymous survey in July 2015, and more than 500 completed it. We appreciate them taking their time to share their thoughts with us, and now we’re happy to share them with you, too. Hopefully this whitepaper gives you some insight into how your family farm compares to others in the country and offers you some thoughts of what issues you may need to address if you’re grappling with succession planning issues.”