The World Foresty Center in Portland, Oregon, once again hosted the ‘Who Will Own the Forest?’ Conference focusing on timber investment in the U.S. and abroad.

Timber in the U.S. and in overseas markets was the focus of the Who Will Own the Forest? Conference, held September 20-22 at the World Forestry Center in Portland, Oregon. The event brought timber investors together to explore domestic and overseas institutional timberland investing. AgAmerica Lending’s President/ CEO Brian Philpot attended the event. In its 12th year, the conference focused on important topics in the timberland industry.  Find an overview below.

World Forestry Center: A Main Attraction

One of the main draws of the event is the location. It was held at the World Forestry Center, home to a nonprofit educational institution. The building itself is a beautiful example of using wood in construction, and it houses the center’s Discovery Museum. An opening reception at the museum kicked off the conference on the evening of Tuesday, the 20th. Other opportunities for socializing and networking included the Women in Timber Breakfast Social on the morning of the 21st.

Conference Topics

The aim of the “Who Will Own the Forest?” Conference is to address the growing and evolving timber asset class, and to examine the topics that are forecast to affect the demand for commercial timber, diversify values in forestland, and boost returns for investors. Presentations on the 21st addressed issues concerning North America while those on the 22nd focused on world forestry issues. Presentations included “Manufacturing Trends Impacting Timber” and “Developments in Regulatory and Transactional Affairs.”

There are many presentations that were of interest to AgAmerica Lending and those in the ag industry, including “Valuation & Appraisal Process” and “Real Property Without the Real Estate:  The Place of Timber Deeds in the Transactional Toolbox.” One presentation that was not to be missed at the conference was the “Where Trees are Tenants: Timberland and Real Estate Investment” presentation. It focused on the categorization of timberland as real assets.

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