Try These Honey Recipes for a Dish Featuring Nature’s Best Sweetener

Honey has long been a natural sweetener, and it’s still an important ingredient in many dishes. If you think honey is the bees’ knees, try one of these honey recipes to put a bit more of nature’s sweetness on your table. These honey recipes for baking and more hail from states where agriculture is a main industry, making bees an integral part of the trade. Paired with other commodities in the state, these honey recipes hit the spot.

AgAmerica Eats Best Honey Recipes

Texas Watermelon & Honey-Gingered Pork Kebabshoney recipes

February is considered “Honey Bee Spring,” according to the Texas Beekeepers Association. This recipe features some favored agriculture products from Texas, like pork and honey.

Pork and watermelon join forces in these kebabs marinated in a zesty ginger, honey, and chili powder sauce for a dish that’s sweet and spicy.  Find the recipe here.


Honey-Dipped Cookies

honey recipesThese tasty cookies feature the agriculture industry of Tennessee where the honeybee is the official state agricultural insect, according to the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.

The recipe utilizes a butter-and-sugar cookie that is dipped in a honey mixture and then rolled in chopped walnuts for a unique, flavorful cookie. Find the recipe here.


Honeybunch Punch

honey recipesAs the warmth of summer approaches, this punch uses honey, an agriculture commodity from North Carolina, as a natural sweetener. According to the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, bees and their keepers in North Carolina produce about $15 million in honey annually.

This honey recipe also uses fruit-flavored brewed tea and carbonated water to create a refreshing beverage that can be garnished with mint. Find the recipe here.


Try these honey recipes and then visit AgAmerica’s Pinterest board, AgAmericaEats, for more recipes featuring the best ag commodities from various states in the Southeast.