Explore the differences between pro rodeos and ranch rodeos.

If you’re like most people in the ag industry, there’s one word that gets your heart beating and the excitement flowing: rodeo! There are two different types of rodeos—pro rodeos and ranch rodeos—and while they are both a lot of fun, the purpose of ranch rodeos is to uphold the traditions and experiences of life on the farm. Explore the differences between pro rodeos and ranch rodeos, below.

A Pro Rodeo vs A Ranch Rodeo

You likely get excited about both pro rodeos and ranch rodeos, they both include cowboys and cowgirls, horses, and a variety of cattle, but most of the similarities end there. Differences include:

The Entrants. In a pro rodeo, the participants are professionals on the rodeo circuit. They travel around the country competing in pro rodeos; it’s their “day job.” They compete individually for points, and they likely have business sponsors.

In a ranch rodeo, the entrants are teams of local ranch hands who compete for fun; of course, bragging rights are also part of the deal. They often work on area cattle ranches in some capacity and once the rodeo is over, they are back in the saddle at the ranch.

The Competitions. In a pro rodeo, the competitions focus on the most difficult or most dangerous competitions, such as bronc and bull riding. At the ranch rodeo, competitions revolve around activities that contestants would normally be doing on the cattle ranch. Competitions focus on the group effort, rather than the individual’s. Events include:

  • Calf Branding. Teams are tasked with roping and mock “branding” a calf.
  • Team Doctoring. Teams separate an animal from a herd to take in for vet care.
  • Colt Riding. Teams hold an unbroken colt while one team member saddles and rides the horse.
  • Team Sorting. The team separates certain animals in an organized group effort.
  • Wild Cow Milking. The team ropes and hand-milks a wild cow.

The Awards. Pro rodeo awards focus on the points earned by each individual rider. Ranch rodeos focus on the efforts of the team.

Ranch rodeos celebrate the daily tasks found on any cattle ranch and AgAmerica is proud to honor those traditions by sponsoring the Florida Cattlemen’s Association’s Regional Qualifying Ranch Rodeos. Be sure to check out the schedule for an event near you.

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