As the industry continues to expand, Georgia pecans will be front and center at the Growers’ Fall Field Day on September 8

The pecan industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Pecans are a big ag commodity in Georgia, and the numbers show that Georgia pecans are the fastest growing segment in the pecan industry. The thousands of newly planted acres of Georgia pecans will likely be front and center at the Georgia Pecan Growers Fall Field Day this September 8 in Baconton, Georgia. Pecan growers and industry leaders from all over the state will converge to discuss central themes affecting producers. AgAmerica Lending senior correspondent lender Ethan Cooper plans to also attend and confer with growers on the issues they face in the field. See a preview of the event’s topic below.

Issues Concerning Georgia Pecans

Estimates put the number of newly planted pecan acres in Georgia between 20,000 and 25,000 acres over the last five years. Field Day topics such as “New Pecan Plantings” and “Georgia Crop Estimates” will offer a more precise picture of how this new acreage has affected the current pecan growth in Georgia. The newly formed National Pecan Marketing Order will likely be another main topic as nominations and voting for the Pecan Board have begun.

Other topics focusing on the operation of a pecan orchard will also be presented at the Field Day, with information specific to Georgia pecans. Topics such as “Orchard Management,” “Cultivar Selection,” and “Nursery Production” will be important topics for commercial pecan growers.

There will also be a presentation on “Hedging in Georgia.” This explains the practice of pruning pecan trees with giant hedging machines. Pruning is a necessary orchard task that increases the production levels of the trees. Pruning with hedging machines speeds up the process. Congressman Sanford Bishop, a long-time champion for pecans in Georgia, will be the event’s guest speaker.

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