Explore how AgAmerica employee Doug Moore will use his background to help timber farmers and managers investigate their options for timber land loans.

Have you ever heard someone say they have agriculture in their blood? AgAmerica’s newest Loan Processor, Doug Moore, has timber in his veins and plans on ensuring the timber land loans division of AgAmerica is a busy one.

A Background of Seeing the Forest for the Trees

Moore shares that he has been into timber and forestry since he was young. “My background in forestry and timber began during my childhood through my family being involved with timberland in Georgia and a small citrus grove in Florida,” he explains. “When I saw a logging operation taking place on our property, being young and a big fan of machinery, I thought that was the coolest thing I had ever seen.”

His fascination with trees and forests continued as he got older, and grew beyond the simple wonder of tremendous machinery into a respect for the wild corners of our country and an interest in the business side of it all. “The idea of managing timberland on a large scale was a very romantic notion,” he continues.  “Knowing that you had this amazing asset in your backyard providing habitat for wildlife as well as being a crucial financial resource was something that really hit home with me.”

He was in college just as the housing crisis of 2008 brought challenges for the timber industry. He tried some other paths, but was called back to timber. “I scheduled a meeting with the Dean of the forestry school at The University of Georgia’s Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources right before Christmas, and somehow I was in classes to begin a Master’s of Forest Resources when classes resumed that spring.  The rest is history,” Moore shares.

Timber Management and Timber Land Loans

Out of college, Moore worked with a variety of timber companies in, as Moore puts it, the “appraisal and acquisitions consulting realm.” He was with The Woodland Company, a boutique consulting firm in Savannah, Georgia, as a timberland investment analyst before coming aboard at AgAmerica Lending. It’s a move that excites Moore just about as much as timber. “I am ecstatic to now be on the lending side, applying what I have learned to help timber and ag landowners across the country realize their dreams.”  

His primary functions will be working as a risk and credit analyst for timber land loans and the other loan packages offered by AgAmerica, “helping farmers and timber managers get the funding they need through our various lending products to ensure their short and long term financial needs are met,” Moore explains. He’s ready to step into his new role of providing custom ag and timber land loans. “I am excited to apply what I have learned in agriculture and the timber industry over the years to help people do anything from complete large acquisitions to farm refinancing and consolidating their lines of credit,” he says.   

Moore shares that he’s most excited about timber land loans that involve large tracts of land. “While my passion started with land/forest management, large land deals are what keep me up at night,” he maintains. “To me, they are the most exciting thing in the world.”  

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