Find out how a career in finance and a background in ag has shaped Ted Aversa, Senior Fund Accountant at AgAmerica.

Senior Fund Accountant Ted Aversa has some advice for AgAmerica Lending clients that is as true today as it has ever been in ag lending: “Work hard and save your money, then one day your money will do the work for you.” Aversa should know, he’s been in the financial industry for over 20 years, and he and his family have been in agriculture in Florida for three generations. His specialized background has given him a keen understanding of both sides of the ag lending industry.

The Agricultural Side of Ag Lending

Aversa’s Valrico farm has been in the family for three generations. “My grandfather purchased the land back in the ’60s and built the farm.  He operated it as a chicken farm, raising hens and selling eggs,” Aversa shares. “After he retired, my uncle took on the farm as an annex to his own dairy operation and raised his heifers there.”

Aversa and his wife, Daisy, have carried on the ag traditions of the family farm, “my wife and I are the current caretakers of the farm, and we have tried our hand at growing vegetables, raising hens, selling eggs, and tending some cattle,” Aversa explains. “We recently sold off most of our animals and are preparing the barn and pastures for young stock in the spring.”

The farm is an important part of Aversa’s family life, offering both challenges and rewards. Aversa observes, “Whether it’s your primary source of income or your hobby, farming is a lifestyle. It requires dedication, commitment, integrity, hard work, and accountability. It’s a results-driven, no excuses, you-get-out-what-you-put-in lifestyle.”

One of the many rewards of Aversa’s ag lifestyle is improving his connection with AgAmerica Lending’s clients. Farming is a complex lifestyle, and Aversa says, “I think understanding that and sharing those same core values with our customers allows us to connect with each of them on a personal level and motivates us to do our best to serve their unique needs.”

The Financial Side of Ag Lending

Aversa joined the AgAmerica Lending team in 2015 as Senior Fund Accountant. Prior to that, he worked in the financial industry in a variety of firms, including UBS Fund Services, Ltd. in the Cayman Islands and JPMorgan Hedge Fund Services, Ltd. in Bermuda. “I’ve been fortunate to have worked at some leading global financial institutions in various jurisdictions with knowledgeable staff from diverse backgrounds,” he shares.

Aversa has brought that experience and expertise with him to AgAmerica’s ag lending team. “I received extensive training and had exposure to best practices assimilated from those institutions’ global experiences,” Aversa continues. “I brought that training and those best practices home with me and employ them every day here at AgAmerica Lending, LLC to serve our customers.”

AgAmerica Lending strives to build a team of finance-savvy members who understand the nature of the ag industry. We utilize our team members’ experience and expertise to help the nation’s growers and producers expand and prosper.