Fruit producers and vegetable farmers across the Southeast will be gathering at the end of November for the 31st Annual Southeast Vegetable & Fruit Expo.

If you’re one of the many fruit or vegetable farmers in the Southeast, then the end of November will likely see you in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for the 31st Annual Southeast Vegetable & Fruit Expo. Hosted by the North Carolina Vegetable Grower’s Association (NCVGA), the event runs from the 28th to the 30th and offers something for the producers and farmers who raise a plethora of fruits and vegetables in the Southeast. Read below to see just a snippet of what fruit and vegetable farmers can expect.

Seminars for Vegetable Farmers

The main draw of such expos and meetings is the chance to learn new information and see cutting-edge technology and techniques first-hand. Vegetable farmers in the following sectors could benefit from educational presentations such as:

  • Cucumbers: Sessions on weed management, Advances in Downy Mildew Control, and Industry Perspectives on Parthenocarpic vs Traditional Varieties.
  • Tomatoes and Peppers: Sessions on Root-Knot Nematode Resistance in Pepper and the Potential for Development of Resistant Cultivars Insect and Mite Management Strategies for Tomatoes, and Disease Management Issues in Tomatoes.
  • Variety of vegetable farmers: Grafting Workshop, Hot Topics In Pest Management, and Produce Marketing.

Seminars for Fruit Growers

The Expo also offers educational events for fruit growers as well. Such seminars include:

  • Vine Crops: Sessions include Watermelon Cultivar Trial Results, Sources of Cucurbit Pathogens: Air, Soil, and All Around Us, and the Occurrence of Foliar Diseases of Watermelon on Commercial Farms in South Carolina.

Other presentations address food safety, government regulations, pesticides and herbicides, GMOs, and more. The event also features a Trade Show that runs concurrently with the Expo.

As the nation’s premier land lender, the topics and issues that affect our country’s fruit and vegetable farmers are important to us. AgAmerica’s SVP/ Co-Owner, Mac Miller, and Correspondent Lender Cameron Flowers will be at the Expo to meet the fruit and vegetable growers in attendance, to learn about the issues affecting the industry, and to show how AgAmerica helps growers and producers of all size to expand and thrive.

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SVP of Portfolio Management

Mac’s role at AgAmerica emphasizes his talent for creative capital structuring. Whether setting up financing structures for multi-billion dollar hedge funds, entrepreneurs, or farmers and ranchers, Mac has the ability to think outside of the box and works diligently to set up the optimal capital structure for each client, enabling them to achieve their respective operating goals.


Correspondent Lender

Cameron Flowers is a 7th generation South Carolinian having been born and raised in Aynor, South Carolina. He grew up working on his family’s tobacco and swine farm, and in high school won both the state FFA soil judging and farm business management competitions.