Try these lime recipes to grace your summer table.

Limes are in high demand, and they’re a favorite ingredient for a variety of dishes, drinks, and garnishes. Lime recipes are also a good choice for your summer table. Lime is a perfect ingredient to add to healthy recipes due to its bold, intense flavor. Find an entrée with limes, one of the most refreshing lime drink recipes you could make, and a dessert recipe featuring the green citrus fruit, below.

Lime Recipes

Cilantro Lime Chicken

This healthy lime recipe is perfect for summer grilling. Zesty cilantro and tangy lime mix to make a bold marinade that makes chicken really flavorful. Chicken is the quintessential summer protein, offering a blank slate for piquant spices and ingredients like in this lime marinade.

The chicken will come off the grill tasting like a million dollars, but it’s actually a really simple recipe. If you’re looking for healthy lime recipes, you can’t go wrong with this one. Find the recipe here.


Florida Blueberry Key Lime Pie

Lime dessert recipes are some of the most unique recipes you can find. This Florida Blueberry Key Lime Pie is not your average pie, so make it when you’re looking for something different that will bring the oohs and aahs from your dinner guests.

Blueberries add another layer of tangy flavor and flair to this dessert that highlights some of Florida’s fruit commodities. Find the recipe here.


Watermelon Lime Fresca

Few ingredients are as refreshing on a hot day as watermelon and lime. You’ll find them both in this simple beverage. Lime adds a special kick to the sweetness of the watermelon and the recipe’s sugar.

Exchange the sugar for an artificial sweetener to cut calories and make this a healthier beverage. It’s the perfect drink for a barbecue or other summer get-together. Find the recipe here.

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