Favorite US Crop Recipes from AgAmerica

There’s a wise saying that goes, “Life is too short to skip dessert.” This is especially true in summer when fresh-from-the-field produce is ripe for creating a knock-out dessert. We’ve rounded up some of the best dessert recipes for #AgAmericaEats using commodities that are in season throughout summertime. We had our eye out for unique combinations that are sure to please at your next barbecue or get-together.

oatmeal sweet potato cookies front


#AgAmericaEats Mississippi – Sweet Potato: CJ’s Oatmeal Sweet Potato Cookies

Mississippi is the second largest sweet potato producer in the country; they claim to grow the nation’s sweetest tubers. Sweet potatoes have enough of the sweet stuff to make cookies that will make your grandma proud. Using pureed sweet potatoes, oats and the usual cookie ingredients—sugar, eggs, flour, and vanilla—these cookies pair the nutritional goodness of sweet potatoes with the pure joy of cookies. Find the recipe here.



Alabama #AgAmepeanut butter silk pie frontricaEats– Peanuts: Chocolate Peanut Butter Silk Pie

Peanuts are an American favorite, and Alabama is a top producer of the nutritionally-dense legumes. This divine dessert uses both peanuts and peanut butter mixed with chocolate to create a confection that will quickly become your favorite go-to after-dinner dish. Try the recipe here.




#AgAmericaEats South Carolina – Peaches: Perfect SC Peach Ice Cream#AgAmericaEats

Ice cream is a perennial summer favorite, and the only thing that would make this frozen treat better is fresh peaches. South Carolina is second in the country in peach production, and they assure South Carolina peaches are the tastiest. This homemade ice cream puts the natural goodness of fresh peaches on display, mixing deliciously with lemons, almonds, sugar, and whipped cream. Grab your ice cream maker and try this recipe here.

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