Pumpkin patches. Apple picking. Hayrides. Corn mazes. What better way to spend a crisp, colorful Fall day?

If you haven’t already, now is the time to visit your local area farms to get involved in fun Fall activities.

To get you in the proper seasonal spirit, here are some pretty mind-blowing agricultural facts about two traditional Fall delights: Pumpkins and apples.

  • This first one is seriously mind-blowing: Pumpkins are not vegetables…they are fruits! Who knew?
  • Pumpkins were once suggested curatives for removing freckles and treating snakebites. Fortunately, we’ve come along way since then with our medicinal treatments and theories…
  • The heaviest pumpkin weighed 1,140 pounds. Incredible, right?
  • Pumpkins are comprised of 90 percent water. Whaaa?
  • In early colonial times, pumpkins were used as an ingredient for the crust of pies, not the filling. This would be an interesting recipe to test: Try baking a pumpkin crusted, pumpkin filled pie for double pumpkin goodness!
  • Pumpkins have been harvested in America for over 5,000 years.
  • The first apple to reach the United States was brought by the Pilgrims in 1620. So, we can give thanks to the Pilgrims for our apple abundance here in the States!
  • There exists approximately 7,500 types of apples. To try each variety would be a feat!
  • It takes approximately 36 apples to produce one gallon of apple cider.
  • Apple trees take four to five years to produce their first fruit. Talk about delayed gratification!
  • The crabapple is the only apple native to North America.
  • Archeologists have uncovered evidence that humans have been enjoying apples since at least 6500 B.C. Maybe because they kept the doctor away?
  • Apple trees enjoy very long lives. In fact, a standard apple tree lives an average of 100 years!


Now, when you’re selecting pumpkins or picking apples, you can wow your friends and family with an agricultural fact or two!

Happy Fall!

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