Recently, here at AgAmerica Lending, we funded a quick, turnaround bridge loan of $600,000 to get a South Florida watermelon farmer the funding needed to jump-start his agricultural operation. Through our special Transitional Lending Program, we were able to provide the fast and flexible funding this farmer needed to kick off his watermelon season and get to planting on schedule!

What is our Transitional Lending Program?

Our Transitional Lending Program provides funding from $100,000 to $100 million and allows borrowers, such as this watermelon farmer, the ability to receive the fast and flexible funding needed when opportunities or situations arise. The low documentation process is often less time consuming than a standard bank loan. For example, this recent loan, traditionally taking up to six weeks or more to finance, took us approximately four weeks to finance.

We offer our Transitional Lending Program for non-conventional, fixed or floating-rate bridge loans – often called “hard money” loans – on the following asset classes:

  • Vacant Land, including Ag and Timberland Loans
  • Investment Real Estate Loans
  • Commercial Real Estate Intermediate Loans
  • Other Consumer Loans secured by approved collateral
  • Refinance/Debt Consolidation


Managed by a skilled team with over 80 years of combined ag lending experience, we have the strong loan underwriting and property appraisal experience to ensure that financing is completed in a swift, steadfast fashion. Depending on the type of ag loan, funding can take as little as one to three weeks to complete. Rest assured, we offer real financing solutions when time is of the essence!

As a licensed Florida Mortgage Lender and licensed Florida Consumer Finance Company, AgAmerica Lending accepts, underwrites, funds, and services the loans it makes. AgAmerica provides a variety of loan products, including conventional agricultural real estate loans through its AgAmerica Lending Program and non-conventional, fixed or floating-rate bridge loans  through its Transitional Lending Program. To discuss our agricultural loans or refinancing options visit or 844-516-8176