Video can be a simple, highly effective agricultural marketing tool

With more people wanting to know the origin of their food, how it’s grown, and who’s growing it, it only makes sense for those with firsthand agricultural experience to respond to that interest, addressing questions and concerns, while also providing valuable information.

One simple way to respond to the growing consumer interest, and to also present your farm’s perspective, is through video.

Through video, you can provide current and potential customers a personalized spin and story about your agribusiness and products. You can share how your product is grown, who’s growing it, your business ethics, and your farm’s history, all of which helps to promote a deeper customer connection with you and your product.

Video offers you a way to share the real life experience of your farm or ranch and the individuals that put work into your operation every day. It’s a way to share why you’re farming and why you’re farming the way you are. It’s not only an opportunity to tell your story, but also a way to illustrate a point or farming technique, to educate the public on different agricultural hot topics, and to share fun farming facts and tips (think creative recipes, interviews, etc.) to create more value for your customers, while also increasing your business’ exposure.

To hop on the video marketing bandwagon, YouTube is a good place to start. Vine and Instagram are also great platforms to share quick video content. The good news is that it’s easy to blast your videos out through social media. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc. are all platforms where you can effortlessly share your videos to reach a greater audience.

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