Some of our outstanding AgAmerica Lending team members are heading to the National Agricultural Bankers Conference this November 12th-15th.

AgAmerica’s President/CEO Brian Philpot, Vice President Mac Miller, and Chief Lending Officer Colin Clyne will be heading to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, November 12th through the 15th to attend the National Agricultural Bankers Conference. It’s hosted by the American Bankers Association (ABA), in cooperation with the Wisconsin Bankers Association. The ABA Conference will address topics like managing risk, the economic outlook, and strategies for succeeding in an evolving ag market. See details of the National Agricultural Bankers Conference below.

Details of the National Agricultural Bankers Conference

The event promises over 40 hours of “high-quality content.” The conference’s events for agricultural bankers are divided into a few different categories. Each is led by industry experts such as University professors, company presidents, government employees, economists, and other industry leaders. Events include:

  1. General Sessions. There are many General Sessions, with one or more each day the 13th through the 15th. General Sessions include ‘The Next Cycle – Trends in Land Values’ and ‘Emerging Cybersecurity Threats: Best Practices for Banks and Customers.’
  2. Workshop Sessions. These sessions are also numerous. They include ‘Opportunities for Success in Lending for Rural Infrastructure and Development,’ ‘How Data is Transforming Farming,’ and ‘Executive Leadership in Ag Banking.’
  3. Additional Sessions. There are a host of additional events, such as the FSA Lender Meeting, the Women in Ag Session, Outlook Tuesday—a 30 minute look at the economic outlook for five different commodities, and an array of receptions and luncheons.

See a detailed schedule here.

At AgAmerica Lending, we’re committed to being the premier land lender in the country, and we fulfill that commitment by finding the most up-to-date information and following the best practices of the day. If you’d like to discuss how our land loan packages can help grow your agribusiness, contact us to speak with a team member.