Agriculture education and research are important to the health of the industry. Today’s up-and-coming farmers and ranchers benefit from great agricultural programs at colleges across the nation. But most importantly, by conducting science-based research and coming up with new agricultural diversification ideas, there are a number of colleges around the country that help shape the future of the industry.

As a brief salute to the institutions across America that make a difference for agriculture and rural landowners, here are some schools with excellent agricultural programs, according to various college ranking news sources:

  1. The University of California—Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences boasts a #1 international ranking in Agriculture and Forestry, according to the QS World University Rankings. The college also has a sparkling research reputation, being one of the most published and highly cited research universities in the United States. The institution has over 2,300 acres of land used for research and instruction, and 29 agriculture majors.
  2. The University of Florida College of Agricultural and Life Sciences ranks #10 worldwide in agricultural sciences, according to U.S. News Best Global Universities. The college issues degrees to participants in the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, which is a federal-state-county partnership whose mission is to expand agricultural knowledge and to make that knowledge easily available. The college has 21 undergraduate majors, 23 graduate majors, and 50 areas of specialization.
  3. The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Science ranked #20 worldwide, according to U.S. News Best Global Universities. Agriculture and the public college play a vital role in Georgia’s economy. The college contains two parts: The Georgia Agricultural Experiment Station and the UGA Cooperative Extension, or the research agency and outreach agency, respectively. The college has almost 2,000 total employees, with 22 majors, 16 graduate programs, and 12 Ph.D programs.

Colleges of agriculture provide the industry with knowledge and a young, educated workforce. Whether you’re a recent grad who’s looking into a new venture, such as starting a turkey farm, or an experienced farmer looking to reduce your agricultural loan rates, you can contact AgAmerica Lending now with questions about agricultural loans. We cover agricultural and rural land loans all across the nation, and we help agribusinesses grow with our low interest rates, long amortizations, lack of prepayment penalties, and an outstanding 10-year Line of Credit.

Photo caption:

Roberto Avena-Bustillos, a collaborating researcher from the University of California-Davis, uses a micrometer to measure the width of the clear agar zone around one of two disks. USDA Photo by Peggy Greb.