Looking for warm and tasty beef recipes to enjoy on a chilly fall evening? These two #AgAmericaEats recipes featuring beef as a main ingredient will hit the mark for a warm and cozy meal.

The beef cattle industry is the largest sector in agriculture in the U.S., proving that beef truly is “what’s for dinner.” With the weather turning cooler, it’s the perfect time to try out new beef recipes that offer warm, savory meals for the entire family. Below you’ll find beef recipes from two cattle industry states that are sure to please.

Georgia Beef Recipes: Cowboy Taco Soup

beef recipesPiping hot soup meets the comfort food happiness of tacos with this Cowboy Taco Soup. Put this recipe at the top of your ‘Beef Recipes to Try List.’

You’ll combine ground beef with taco favorites like sausage, onion, ranch and taco seasoning mixes, corn, tomatoes, and beans.

Simmer in a stock pot and top with your go-to taco garnishes of sour cream, cheese, and tortilla chips, and you’ll have a meal everyone will love.

Bonus: this recipe can also be made in a slow cooker. Find the recipe here.



South Carolina Beef Recipes: Apple Butter Beef Brisket

Some of the best beef recipes turn out so flavorful and delicious that everyone thinks you slaved over a hot oven to prepare a gourmet meal, but the truth is it was as easy as could be!beef recipes

While this beef brisket will turn out seasoned to sweet perfection and as tender as butter, the recipe is as simple as they come.

You’ll season your beef brisket with a glaze made with apple butter, onion soup mixture and Dijon mustard, and then you’ll roast it for hours. Find the recipe here.

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Do you love cooking with beef? Know your beef cuts. Here’s a graph for easy reference.