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AgAmerica Lending’s Rural Infrastructure Loan Program

AgAmerica’s Rural Infrastructure Loan Program supports the country’s ag industry.

AgAmerica’s custom loan packages have always been aimed at helping the American farmer. Our new Rural Infrastructure Loan Program also has the benefit of the American farmer in mind. The loan supports an array of communication and green energy options in rural settings that ultimately support those in agriculture. Read on to see the details of our Rural Infrastructure Loan Program and the parameters for qualifying for a rural infrastructure land loan.

Rural Infrastructure Loan Details

We offer land loans for infrastructure projects that focus on green energy, like solar farms and wind farms, and communications, such as cell and broadcast towers. These projects are beneficial for agricultural communities in a number of ways.

Agriculture-centric communities have increasing communication needs, especially as technology such as precision planting, GPS-guided vehicles, utilization of weather/planting apps and the use of ag drones become the norm rather than the exception. A 2016 study by the Agri-Media Council revealed that while 59 percent of farm operators use smartphones, that statistic jumped to 91 percent when tracking the smartphone usage by farm operators under the age of 45. Increased communication capabilities will support the needs of farmers and ranchers, as well as their surrounding rural communities.

Similarly, rural infrastructure development that focuses on energy—such as wind farms and solar farms—provides clean energy for surrounding communities and revenue streams for those in the ag industry. For instance, the revenue generated by North Carolina sustainable energy is worth $6.3 billion. Get more details on our infrastructure loans here.

Parameters for a Rural Infrastructure Loan

Our loans for infrastructure include cell towers and broadcast towers, DAS systems (distributed antenna system) and other rural infrastructure development projects, and land financing for solar and wind farms. The property must be US-based, and towers and DAS systems must be in place. The borrower must be a US citizen, and the minimum loan amount is $250,000. See additional loan parameters here.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our rural infrastructure loans, contact us today to discuss your options with one of our knowledgeable team members.

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