For this month’s #AgAmericaEats special, bring everyone to the table with these agriculture recipes for each of the three meals of the day.

Food is one thing we can all agree on, and agriculture recipes featuring a state’s top crop are sure to please for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Try these delicious #AgAmericaEats recipes that each incorporate a tasty top crop the next time you gather around the table.

Breakfast Ag Recipes: Lemon Blueberry Pancakes

Lemon Blueberry PancakesBlueberries are a powerhouse of a fruit, and they give the day’s most important meal—breakfast—a nutritional kick. There are 38 states that grow blueberries; Southcentral states like Tennessee are currently at the height of blueberry picking season in August. This pancake recipe combines juicy blueberries with lemon zest and the usual pancake ingredients to create pancakes that are light, fluffy and full of blueberry flavor. Find the recipe here.

Apple Banana Salad with Peanuts

Agriculture Recipes for Lunch: Apple Banana Salad with Peanuts

Something light and healthy plays all the right notes for lunch. This salad gets some zest from fruit and an added kick of protein from peanuts, a top commodity in Alabama. Lettuce, apples, bananas and peanuts are dressed in a honey-paprika vinaigrette for a healthy meal in the middle of the day. Get the recipe here.

Dinner Recipes featuring agriculture crops: Rice and Chicken

Fried Rice and ChickenTwo of Arkansas’s top commodities are broiler chickens and rice, and they can be paired any number of ways to make this tasty and economical option for dinner. This fried rice with chicken dinner combines cooked brown rice, a variety of vegetables, soy sauce, and chicken for a flavorful meal to end the day. Find the recipe here.

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