Credit Associate, Caroline Hepler, finds agricultural lending a welcoming and motivating industry

A passionate lover of the outdoors, Caroline Hepler didn’t grow up the agriculture industry, but some aspects of the ag lifestyle have universal appeal. As a child growing up in Florida, she recalls how visits to a park with her cousins offered glimpses into an interesting ag pastime. “Across the street there were horse stables and we used to climb trees and watch the riding lessons,” Hepler shares. “I eventually told my parents that I wanted to start going to my aunt and uncle’s ranch during the summer so that I could learn how to ride horses, too.” Caroline recently brought her 15 years of experience in the financial industry to ag lending when she joined AgAmerica in May, 2016. She’s found that the ag industry still holds the same interest as the childhood riding lessons.

The Appeals of Ag Lending

Caroline Hepler came to AgAmerica Lending ready to use her financial expertise to assist the country’s farmers and ranchers in ag lending. “I look forward to bringing in my diversified lending experience to help find customizable solutions to meet our customer’s needs, allowing them to focus on what they do best,” she guarantees.

Hepler has a few words of wisdom for those in agriculture looking to strengthen the financial outlook of their agribusinesses. “Always understand what you’re getting into financially and why.  If you don’t understand something, ask, even if you have to ask over and over,” she shares. It’s a recommendation that she uses to guide her own work. “The financial person that you are working with should be looking out for YOUR best interests and not their own.  If you’re ever uncomfortable with anything, always go with your gut,” she explains.

Steering AgAmerica’s Community Service

Caroline Hepler also co-chairs AgAmerica Lending’s newly formed Community Involvement Committee. For Hepler, it’s a labor of love. “I think that community service is important in general,” she shares.This is where we live, play, and raise our families.  It’s everyone’s responsibility to work together to ensure a safe, comfortable, and flourishing environment for ourselves and loved ones.  It also brings people together.” Bringing people together is indeed a fundamental part of working in the ag industry; Caroline Hepler has certainly found the right place.

As the land lending specialists, AgAmerica Lending has a long history of helping America’s agribusinesses grow and prosper with our low interest rates, long amortizations, and an outstanding 10-year line of credit.