End of Year Agribusiness Planning

Don’t leave this important piece out of your agribusiness planning.

The year is coming to a close, and 2018 is fast approaching. It’s prime time to focus on end-of-the-year agribusiness planning, both for 2017 taxes and planning for 2018. We shared a list last December to help farms and ranches with the basics of their agribusiness planning, and that list is still a great tool to use for planning with an eye on saving money. Another option that those who own agribusinesses should consider during end-of-year planning is savings from retirement planning. Explore options below and see how retirement planning can save you money.

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Youth in Ag: Upcoming FFA and Youth Livestock Shows

See which youth livestock shows are coming up in 2018.

Our youth are the future of agriculture, and participation in the Future Farmers of America, or FFA, and other youth ag organizations is an important part of agriculture. These programs encourage our young people to get involved in agriculture and to learn the ins and outs of the industry. Youth livestock shows provide the opportunity to gain experience in a wide range of different livestock. Explore youth livestock shows that are coming up in the Southeast below.
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A Look at Goat Farming

Take a Peek at the Details of Goat Farming in the U.S.

When the conversation turns to livestock, it’s usually dairy cows and beef cattle that are the focus, but there are many other types of livestock. With goat farming on the rise, goats are another kind of livestock that you may have been hearing more about. Explore the basics of goat farming and its many forms below.Read More

Commodity Focus: Growing Cranberries

Explore who is growing cranberries in the U.S., and more.

Chances are, cranberries are a part of your holiday celebrations. A substantial chunk of the U.S.’s cranberry supply—20 percent, according to a Modern Farmer article—is sold in the week leading up to Thanksgiving and the berry’s appeal lasts through the holidays and beyond. Find out which regions are growing cranberries, the state of the cranberry industry, and suggestions for using the healthful, tart berry for both the holidays and year-round.
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Meet Our Relationship Manager, Rachel Cashdollar

Relationship Manager with AgAmericaRachel Cashdollar

Learn How One of Our Team Members Went from Growing Christmas Trees to Nurturing Financial Solutions

Rachel Cashdollar is a Relationship Manager with AgAmerica, and she knows her way around a farm. She was raised in Pennsylvania where her family devotes their agribusiness to growing Christmas trees. The tree farm was started in 1998 by her father because it was important to him that every family be able to afford the tradition of having a real Christmas tree. So Cashdollar Farm and Nursery was born, with the mission of “making it possible for every family to have an affordable tree.” The tree farm has since become a beloved part of many families’ holiday traditions, with customers returning year after year to enjoy excellent service and reasonable prices.
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AgAmerica Eats: Kid-Approved Desserts for the Holidays

Find kid-approved desserts to make with your little loved ones this holiday season.

The holiday season means the kids are out of school for winter break, and it’s the perfect time to get into the kitchen and whip up some kid-approved desserts together. We’ve rounded up some delicious recipes that would make a sugar-plum fairy proud. Try one of these kid-approved desserts this holiday season.
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Don Harden Column: Precision Ag and Technology

Explore the details of precision ag and technology, especially when it comes to the financial savings.

In my latest column in Central Florida Ag News, I discussed precision ag and technology. Truly, you’d be hard-pressed to work in ag and not have heard of precision agriculture. It’s a topic that is all over ag news, from the latest piece of technology to a review of the benefits of precision ag. One benefit that is always mentioned is the potential for savings and increased profits. However, you might wonder exactly what those look like. The exact savings and profits that precision ag and technology might deliver will depend upon your operation, your crop, and the precision ag tech you’re using, but I will share some general numbers from research AgAmerica collected for a report on precision ag. See the details below.
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Ewe Look Familiar: The Memories’ of Sheep Help Brain Researchers

From sheep farming to brain research, sheep are useful for more than simply getting to sleep.

Those in sheep farming will tell you their sheep are smart, or at least, that they have a good memory, and a new study from Britain’s University of Cambridge backs it up. The study researched the memories of sheep to get a better understanding of how a sheep’s brain works, according to an article on the study on ModernFarmer.com. Their findings were surprising to researchers, but not to those in sheep farming. See details of the study below.
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Feature Commodity: Tobacco

Explore the commodity of tobacco.

Tobacco is a crop that has been grown in the United States for a long time. It is still grown in many southern states, though not nearly in the acreage that it once was. Despite the decline in tobacco acres, it is still an important commodity in the U.S. Explore the details of the tobacco commodity below.
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Power of 10: US Nut Industry

Explore one of the most popular and fastest-growing commodities in the country: nuts.

‘Tis the season for “chestnuts roasting on an open fire,” but there’d be no idyllic holiday hearth-centered scene without chestnuts and the entire nut industry. Nuts are one of the fastest-growing sectors, and we can’t seem to get enough of them. Nuts are flavorful and good for cooking in dishes ranging from breakfast to dessert. Additionally, nuts pack a healthy punch, making them a snack food of choice for Health Nuts, pun intended! Read about the top 10 nuts in the U.S., and where they’re grown, below.

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