Q&A with Correspondent Lender Cameron Flowers on the state of SC beef industry

Find out what AgAmerica Lending’s Correspondent Lender Cameron Flowers has to say about the SC beef industry.

Agriculture is central to South Carolina’s economy, and the SC beef industry plays an important role. The beef industry all over the U.S. has been navigating an uncertain beef market. AgAmerica Lending Correspondent Lender Cameron Flowers shares his insights on South Carolina’s beef industry below.Read More

Money Minute: What’s Your Property’s Highest and Best Use?

AgAmerica Lending underwriter Blake Averitt and land appraisal expert Jim Pruitt discuss the highest and best use of real estate.

Quick, what is one of the farmer’s most valuable assets? The answer for most farmers would be their land.

Whether it’s been in the family for generations or you’re beginning a legacy of your own, your land is the heart of everything it means to be a farmer, rancher, or forest owner. It can also represent a prime piece of collateral when you apply for an agricultural land loan.

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Money Minute: Make the Most of Your Cattle Ranch Loan

These ‘best practices’ in land and livestock can help you put your cattle ranch loan to good use.

Running a cattle ranch isn’t an easy endeavor, but there are some practices that can help you to make the most of your cattle ranch loan. Burke Teichart, a cattle ranch consultant and speaker, outlines his seven keys to ranch profitability in a BEEF article. Read a summary of each of these best practices below.
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Recommendations for your Recreational Land Loan

Location, Location, Location: Finance the perfect parcel of land to buy with our recreational land loans

You know that you’d love your own piece of land for recreational purposes like hunting, fishing, and camping, but if that’s about as far as you’ve gotten in considering what characteristics to look for in a piece of recreational land, let us share some tips to get the ball rolling. Then, once you’ve found a parcel of land, look into our Recreational Land Loan Program, and you’ll be saying thanks when that big buck walks into your sites or your family is having the best camping trip ever. Look for land to buy with the below characteristics and you’ll be off to a great start.Read More

Smart Crop Selections Make the Most of Your Peanut Farm Loan

Make the most of peanut farm loans by making these wise peanut crop selections.

Peanuts are a commodity that continues to grow quickly in popularity, making them a good choice for farming diversification or a new peanut farm ag venture with a peanut farm loan. According to peanut ag facts from the University of Georgia (UGA) Extension, Americans can’t get enough of the high-protein, high-fiber legume; they eat 2.4 million pounds of peanut butter a year and one million pounds of roasted peanuts every day.

The peanut’s popularity makes it an attractive cash crop. Once you’ve secured a peanut farm loan, it’s time to turn your attention to identifying good crop choices that make the most of your peanut land loan.

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Where to Start Your Farm with a Melon Farm Loan

Commodity Focus: Tips on choosing the best location with your melon farm loan

Watermelons can be grown just about anywhere, but they’re best grown in the warm climate of Georgia. Watermelons are especially well-suited to Georgia’s Coastal Plains soils, found in the southern half of the state. If a melon farm loan is in your agricultural future, then Southern Georgia land is a good choice for your farm’s location.Read More

Ag Loans Q&A with Correspondent Lender, Cameron Flowers

Agriculture is a tough industry, but fortunately, so are the growers and ranchers in it. It’s a truism that AgAmerica Lending Correspondent Lender Carmeron Flowers knows all too well, and it has rung especially true in his home state of South Carolina.  Raised on his family’s tobacco and swine farm, Cameron spent his youth in ag fields and accompanying barns, even when he was in school.  During his education at Clemson University where he earned a degree in Food Science, he served as Student Body Vice-President, managed a $2.4 million budget, increased ag funding at the university by 10 percent, and achieved many more accolades.  With a lifetime of agriculture under his belt, he currently runs a small herd of grassfed Angus and understands first-hand the challenges farmers and ranchers face on a daily basis.
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Top 5 Benefits of the Recreational Land Loan

The only thing that might be better than farming a green stretch of rural land is using those country miles as a recreational haven. Whether you’re on the hunt for deer and gobblers, crave wide-open spaces for riding horses or you want to simply enjoy the natural wonder of the great outdoors, having a slice of nature and the country to call your own is a satisfying endeavor. As the land lending specialists, we’re proud to offer Recreational Land Loans to anyone who dreams of having a wild expanse of rural land for recreational pursuits.

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