TechTime: The Land Lenders talk drip irrigation technology

Water has been—and always will be—a vital part of agriculture. However, in many states across the country, water poses questions and creates quandaries for farmers and ranchers alike. In the drought-stricken west, water is a precious resource. In tropical areas of the Southeast, water can come in a deluge or a trickle. In other places, water rights and access to water can be a tricky proposition, with water conservation laws adding more angles to an already complicated issue.

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Peaches Get Smaller from California Drought—but Stay Delicious

Peaches are in season right now, which should be great for California; the state that ranks first in the U.S. for production of the delicious, fuzzy fruit. But unfortunately, the California drought has affected the peach industry statewide, just like it has other agricultural industries. The outcome? Smaller produce.

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An AgAmerica Salute to Universities that Help Bring about Agricultural Diversification Ideas

Agriculture education and research are important to the health of the industry. Today’s up-and-coming farmers and ranchers benefit from great agricultural programs at colleges across the nation. But most importantly, by conducting science-based research and coming up with new agricultural diversification ideas, there are a number of colleges around the country that help shape the future of the industry.

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