Florida Tomato Grower Recognized for Sustainable Tomato Farming

One Florida tomato grower was awarded the coveted 4R Advocate Award for sustainable tomato farming.

We’re proud to toot the Florida ag industry’s horn with the announcement that tomato grower Gary Reeder, and his colleagues at the tomato operation West Coast Tomato, were awarded the 4R Advocate Award by The Fertilizer Institute. As only the second Florida recipient of the award in its history, Reeder was recognized for his sustainable tomato farming practices concerning fertilizer use. Find out what the 4R Advocate Award is all about, and what about Reeder’s sustainable tomato production earned him the prestigious award.Read More

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The Faces of Adversity

Read the stories of five tough-as-nails farmers who are examples of the adversity farmers face and the resilience needed to prevail.

There’s no arguing that agriculture is a tough industry. The issues and adversity farmers face that can derail an agribusiness’s bottom line are numerous: drought, floods, hail, high winds, pests, disease, and market fluctuations, just to name a few. It’s enough to make anyone head for a desk job. However, the men and women of the ag industry aren’t just anyone; read five stories that highlight the mettle needed to overcome adversity.Read More

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Veteran Achieves Cattle Ranch Dream

Memorial Day is a time to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, but it’s also a time to thank those who have served. Unfortunately, many in the armed forces come home to a tough job market, making the transition back to civilian life a hard one. However, with true agricultural ingenuity, the ag industry recognized that the group of job-seeking military men and women are a perfect fit to help fill the empty ag ranks left by retiring farmers and ranchers. AgAmerica Lending would like to honor the men and women of our armed forces and assist with the armed forces-to-farm movement as a show of our thanks.Read More

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