A Look at Leading Florida Alternative Crops: Pomegranates

Discover a leader in Florida alternative crops: pomegranates.

Florida has a long growing season, and a lot of different crops grow well in The Sunshine State’s tropical and subtropical climate. Growers and producers are always on the lookout for Florida alternative crops, and pomegranates may just be the next big thing. Explore the potential of this leader in specialty crops, below.Read More

Power of 10: A Line of Credit Solution

When it comes to fighting ag pests or disease, a line of credit solution may be just what the experts ordered.

The ag industry has a long list of challenges, and a pest or disease attacking a crop is definitely high on that list. Dealing with ag pests like insects and disease takes time, patience, and money to implement the steps recommended by research and experts. Unfortunately, not all growers and producers have the cash on-hand to invest in the changes, replanting, or other steps recommended by experts. That’s where a line of credit solution comes in. With AgAmerica’s 10-year line of credit, growers and producers can get the cash needed to combat a pest or disease, as well as a decade to repay and recover. Explore a few examples below.Read More

A Look at Dairy Industry Statistics for National Dairy Month

Find dairy industry facts for dairy month.

June is National Dairy Month, and that means it’s time to show the dairy industry some love for all of the delicious and nutritious dairy products made possible by the hard work of the nation’s dairy farmers. Read about the history of National Dairy Month, learn fun facts to share over cheese, ice cream or a cold glass of milk, and explore dairy farm loans with the nation’s premier land lender, below.Read More

Agritech: How South Carolina Farmers Are Conserving Water with Weather Stations

South Carolina farmers are getting help battling drought and saving water with irrigation technology.

Technology has always been a force that moves agriculture forward, and it’s being harnessed by South Carolina farmers to fight drought and conserve water, thanks to Clemson University irrigation specialist Jose Payero.  According to a release by Clemson University, Payero is putting real-time information on the weather, soil, and crops into the hands of farmers so they can make better decisions about irrigation. Read the details below.Read More

USDA Corn Harvest Update

Find out the latest news on this year’s corn harvest.

Corn is one of the largest crop commodities in the U.S., and farmers all over the country—from the Midwest to Southeastern states—are wrapping up or have completed their own corn harvest. Though there was drought, fire, flooding, and hurricanes in other parts of the country, the weather was favorable for growing corn in the main areas of the corn belt and most secondary areas where corn production is high.

The weather has been so favorable that corn producers may just be on to a record-setting corn harvest. Find out what the USDA’s latest report says on the harvesting of one of the country’s largest crops.Read More

Ag in the News: South Carolina growers still waiting for crop loss aid from October 2015 floods

South Carolina growers are on the lookout for crop loss aid payments from the state due to losses suffered during heavy rains and flooding last October.

Agriculture has its good times and hard times, and a lot of the hard times are caused by bad weather. Heavy rains and flooding in October 2015 caused severe damage for many South Carolina growers. The state decided in May to offer $40 million in crop loss aid to those growers affected by the damaging rain and flooding. South Carolina growers are now waiting for their crop loss aid payments to arrive.Read More

USDA News You Can Use: USDA Initiatives to Further Agriculture

The United States Department of Agriculture works hard day in and day out to further agriculture in the U.S. in all sectors. They work on developing new technologies, on finding new markets for the products and produce of the nation’s farmers and ranchers, and on ensuring food safety. Keep up-to-date with the innovations and initiatives coming out of the USDA that make agriculture better for all.

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Will 2016 be a Challenging Year for the U.S. Cotton Industry?

Cotton is one of the U.S.’s oldest crops, and the country’s cotton farmers have weathered many storms. The outlook at this point seems to indicate that the cotton industry has many obstacles for the 2016 season before it. While the domestic use of cotton has risen over the last four years, it only represents about a quarter of the total world cotton use. Take a look at the challenges faced by U.S. cotton farmers.

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