Q&A With the AgAmerica Team: Funding for Agricultural Producers

Find answers about funding for agricultural producers.

If you’re thinking of getting into agriculture, or you’re already in agriculture and planning to expand, you likely have some questions about funding for agricultural projects. As the nation’s premier land lenders, we’re happy to provide some answers. Once we’ve addressed your initial questions below, find out how to contact us so we can answer your more complex questions and concerns on funding for agricultural producers.Read More

Ground Rules: How Soil Type Affects Land Values

The soil type of any parcel will have a great impact on the land’s value, especially when it comes to farmland valuations and real estate assessments.

A farm’s greatest asset is its land. If you’re considering buying land with an ag land loan for farming, looking into the land’s soil type is an important step in determining the worth of the land. It’s also an indicator of how much work the soil will need in order to provide a nutrient-rich environment for your crops. Take a look at different soil types, how to determine what kind of soil is on your land, and how soil types factor into the overall value of your property.
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Top 5 Benefits of the Recreational Land Loan

The only thing that might be better than farming a green stretch of rural land is using those country miles as a recreational haven. Whether you’re on the hunt for deer and gobblers, crave wide-open spaces for riding horses or you want to simply enjoy the natural wonder of the great outdoors, having a slice of nature and the country to call your own is a satisfying endeavor. As the land lending specialists, we’re proud to offer Recreational Land Loans to anyone who dreams of having a wild expanse of rural land for recreational pursuits.

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To Reset or Not to Reset?— That is the Question

Our Relationship Manager, Don Harden, was recently a guest columnist in Central Florida Ag News magazine, January 2016 edition.  Read his full column here:

With the USDA’s most recent Florida Orange Crop Estimate at a troubling 69 million, there’s no doubt that Florida citrus growers face some tough questions. As a result of citrus greening (or HLB), the industry’s harvest has reduced more than 50 percent over the past decade. Any way you slice it, that’s a big cut, and for some growers, that cut goes so deep that it’s time to ask whether resetting trees is worth the investment or not.

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Tips from the Land Lenders for Using Your End of Year Financial Data

The end of the year signals a time of financial data collection for most farms, ranches and other agribusinesses. While doing tasks like taxes and bookkeeping, you’ll have an opportunity to go over your operation’s financial information with a fine-tooth comb. Take the opportunity to examine the following areas to improve your agribusiness’s fiscal health:

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What to Look for When Choosing Among Agricultural Lenders

There are many land lenders to choose from when the time comes to expand an ag operation, diversify an existing agribusiness or realize a dream of buying farm land. However, not all lenders are created equally. When it’s your future on the line, you want land loan specialists who have your best interests at heart.

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Make Sure You’re Caring for the Most Important Plant on Your Farm: The Money Tree

The various types of plants found on farms can be as different as night and day, but there is one plant that every farm has in common: The Money Tree. It’s the most important plant in the whole operation, yet tending to it can be one of the hardest chores that any farmer and rancher has to face; unfortunately, baling twine only goes so far in fixing problems with this issue!

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Five Things You Shouldn’t be Worrying Over (and if You Are, You need to Talk to the Nation’s Premier Land Lender)

As a farmer you’re familiar with the many day-to-day concerns of running an agriculture-based business. From weather to pests and diseases, to new regulations and more, there are numerous factors you have to deal with. However, there are at least five things you won’t have to worry about if you have AgAmerica in your corner . . . or your field or pasture!

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Money Minute: Making Rural Land Finance Simple for the Land Lover

The great American author Mark Twain once said, “Buy land, they aren’t making any more of it.” For those individuals who love the flora and fauna of rural land, buying acreage in the country is a goal that can have many benefits, and AgAmerica takes pride in making dreams come true with rural property loans through our Rural Land & Home Loan Program.

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