Find out how you can take part in National Ag Week by promoting agricultural literacy.

March 18 – 24, 2018 – National Agriculture Week – is an opportunity for producers, agricultural associations, corporations, universities, government agencies, and many others across the U.S. to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture.

Consider joining in this year’s celebration by promoting agricultural literacy and helping ensure the public understands the relationship between agriculture and the environment, food, fiber, energy, animals, lifestyle, the economy, and technology. After all, what better time to spread the word than National Ag Week?

The Importance of Agricultural Literacy

It’s no secret that many Americans don’t have a personal connection to the farm, and that can lead to a misunderstanding of the value of agriculture in their daily lives.

Why should this be remedied? Increased knowledge of agriculture and nutrition often helps people make more informed choices about diet and health. Plus, informed citizens will be positioned to help establish the policies that will support a competitive, thriving agriculture industry in the U.S. and abroad.

Schools often share agriculture education with only the small percentage of students considering careers in agriculture or pursuing vocational agricultural studies, which means many children do not realize the numerous career opportunities available in the agriculture, food, fiber, and renewable resource industries. This problem is resulting in many agriculturally illiterate young people, and without change, it will likely continue to the next generation.

In short, agricultural literacy – an understanding of agriculture’s history and current economic, social, and environmental significance to all Americans – is essential for all and will ultimately benefit the entire agriculture industry.

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How to Promote Agricultural Literacy During National Ag Week and Every Day

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to promoting agricultural literacy, and there are many ways to get involved in this important effort.

For example, National Ag Week is the perfect opportunity to connect with educators in your community and emphasize the importance of systematic agriculture instruction from kindergarten through 12th grade.

It’s also a great time to organize or host an event, such as an Ag Week breakfast or a field trip to a local farm (or your own farm, if applicable). You could also volunteer at a school in your area and plan an interactive classroom activity that helps teach students about agriculture and its significance. If you’re a social media user, you can share what agriculture means to you – use the hashtag #FoodforLife to ensure your post is seen by many others!

Finally, consider contacting your legislator to remind him or her of the importance of supporting farm initiatives.

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