Recently, AgAmerica Lending funded a $600k citrus loan. By taking a global look at a Florida borrower’s finances, AgAmerica was able to finance his citrus operation’s resets and improvements.

Through its special Transitional Lending Program, AgAmerica provided this citrus grower financial support when no other banks could, allowing him to use the equity in his grove to expand his agricultural operation.


AgAmerica understands that many solid, successful individuals or businesses face situations or opportunities the do not fit easily into the rigid structure of institutional lending. That’s why AgAmerica Lending offers the Transitional Lending Program – a program designed to provide non-conventional, fixed or floating-rate bridge loans on the following asset classes:

  • Vacant Land – Ag Loans and Timberland Loans
  • Investment Real Estate Loans
  • Commercial Real Estate Intermediate Loans
  • Other Consumer Loans secured by approved collateral
  • Refinance/Debt Consolidation


These asset-based loans, often called “hard money” loans, are based on collateral and can be used for a variety of purposes, including funding new real estate projects, paying off loans, or securing opportunities quickly. The low documentation process is often less time consuming than a standard bank loan and can be processed in as little as a week! Depending on lending needs, the loans can be accessed through an equity line or in a lump sum payout.

Like with all of its loans, AgAmerica’s Transitional Lending Program strives to provide a personal, responsive service to all customers. With its own extensive experience buying, selling, and managing agriculture land, AgAmerica understands the ins and outs of ag lending. The staff includes employees whose own farming histories stretch back generations. Suffice it to say,  AgAmerica not only offers ag lending solutions, but supportive, professional long-standing relationships as well.

Need cash to expand your citrus operation? Contact AgAmerica to discuss your farmland financing solutions!