What’s new and noteworthy at AgAmerica Lending?

Recently, we funded a $800k citrus loan. By taking a global look at the borrower’s finances, we were able to save this citrus operation a substantial amount of money.

Through our unique AgAmerica Lending Program, we were able to consolidate the borrower’s current debt and reduce the operation’s annual debt service by 44%. In doing so, we saved this citrus operation over $56,000 annually! The new-found savings allowed this citrus operation to not only purchase an additional grove, but also add on a Line of Credit for 2.62%.

The AgAmerica Lending Program

Our special ag lending program boasts a variety of ag loan products, including conventional agricultural real estate loans. It’s a one of a kind program, which offers borrowers the following perks:

  • Up to 25-Year Amortizations
  • Very Low Interest Farm Loan Rates
  • Flexible Payment Plan Options
  • No Standard Prepayment Penalty
  • No Annual Renewals!


AgAmerica agricultural loans cover all facets of farming, from smaller blueberry farms to large cattle ranches. These ag loans are an excellent option when it comes time to plant your next row crop, expand your citrus groves, plant timber, or buy more cattle.

Yet it’s not only the low interest farm loan rates that make these loan types an attractive option. We are a company committed to getting to know all of our customers. Our staff includes employees whose own farming histories stretch back generations. In addition, we have our own experience buying, selling, and managing agriculture land. Suffice it to say, we not only offer our customers farmland financing solutions, but supportive, professional long-standing relationships as well.

Need cash to expand your citrus operation? Time to refinance a high-interest agricultural loan? To discuss your agricultural financing options, feel free to contact AgAmerica Lending at 844-516-8176 or visit our website for more information!