Explore the updates and opportunities in pecans.

The Georgia Pecan Growers Association’s Conference and Trade Show is scheduled for the end of March, and a major focus will likely be the opportunities in pecans for Southeastern growers. AgAmerica Correspondent Lender Ethan Cooper will be hosting an AgAmerica booth at the conference, ready to discuss the opportunities knocking in pecans and all the ways AgAmerica’s nut farm loans can help you answer. See the offerings of the conference, and a summary of the opportunities in pecans, below.

Offerings at the Pecan Growers Conference

The pecan conference is being held at the UGA Tifton-Campus Conference Center in Tifton, Georgia, March 27th and 28th. While Georgia is the largest pecan producer in the country, growers from all over the Southeast are encouraged to attend the conference for the educational sessions and networking meetings.

A sampling of the conferences offerings include:

  • UGA Extension Orchard Tour
  • Latest news from Pecan Researchers and Industry Topics
  • Indoor and outdoor exhibits including large equipment

Register for the Georgia Pecan Growers Association’s Conference and Trade Show here.

Opportunities in Pecan Industry

Pecans are in high demand, as evidenced by the current high pecan pricing. According to PecanReport.com, pecans are going for about $2.73 per in-shell pound and growers are easily raising 1,000 pounds of pecans per acre.

Demand for pecans is so high that there is a continual call for more pecan acres to be planted. A March PecanReport.com article maintained that there has been an ongoing decrease in pecan acres in the Southeast, even as demand is increasing. According to the article, “most industry officials believe it will take many more years of heavy planting to increase the pecan production in the southeastern U.S.”

The first PecanReport.com article shared another important point when it comes to increasing pecan acres. A steady and reliable supply of pecans helps to promote continued pecan industry growth because manufacturers can rely on the pecan supply to meet the demands of any new products they may develop. Without a reliable supply, pecan manufacturers will be less likely to develop new pecan products, thus stalling the growth of the peak and Industry.

How AgAmerica Can Help

At AgAmerica, we understand the supply and demand of industries like the pecan industry. We offer a variety of custom farm loans tailored to meet the needs of America’s farmers and ranchers, like those in the pecan industry; read the story of when AgAmerica set up a long-time pecan grower with our interest-only 10-year line-of-credit to use for future expansion.

We can help make dreams of a new pecan farm, or expanded pecan acres, a reality with our custom loans. Contact us today to speak with one of our team members and find out how we can help you grow your agribusiness today.