Looking to acquire a new or used car, boat, recreational vehicle, motorcycle, or ATV? Need a little extra cash to support your dream vacation?

You’ve come to the right lender.

At AgAmerica, we understand that not everyone has the credit to secure traditional bank loans for new purchases. Many consumer loans, especially unsecured loans, are highly dependent on credit rating. Among conventional banks especially, the higher your credit score, the better your chances of securing a loan, or of getting a good interest rate on a loan. That’s NOT how we do things at AgAmerica because we recognize that this type of consumer lending doesn’t work for everyone.

That’s why we offer our collateral-based Consumer Loans Program. These secured loans, collateralized by personal property, may be used for any purpose. Featuring competitive rates, these loan types ease the buying process whether you are buying a new car for your commuter job or a JetSki for the grandkids. Once you’ve decided on your purchase, we’ll work with you to successfully arrange a secured loan without the worry of what’s to come.

But before making any purchase or consumer loan commitment, it’s important to assess your financial situation. Think about whether you’ll be able to make your payments if you suffer a setback, such as a job loss. Factor in how long you’ll be using whatever it is you’re buying compared with how long you’ll be making payments. Paying off a motorcycle over four years makes sense if you’ll be driving the motorcycle during that time, but how long do you want to be paying off that week-long dream vacation that you took four years ago? These are important questions.

If you’ve already assessed your financial situation and are ready to proceed, review our consumer loans requirements to determine if you’re eligible. If your personal property aligns with these requirements, please submit the initial application. After we assess your application, a representative of AgAmerica Lending will be in touch within one to two business days.