Agriculture is a fascinating blend of time-honored traditions mixed with new technologies and methods, and you’ll see both at the upcoming Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie, Georgia. Slated for October 20-22, it’s North America’s premiere agriculture show. It’s also a chance for everyone in the industry—from farmers and ranchers to equipment manufacturers and farm lending experts like AgAmerica Lending—to get together to enjoy the show’s annual events and to see what’s new.

The Sunbelt Ag Expo features lectures, demonstrations, seminars, exhibits, and vendor booths where those in the ag field can find the latest equipment and technology, try out new methodologies and to discuss the issues the industry is currently facing. For instance, this year’s expo offers seminars on topics like aquaculture, beef cattle, dairy and poultry, just to name a few. On the fun side of things, there is also a track for taking a thrilling test drive of tractors, trucks, and more. However, we come for the traditions as well. For example, the Southeastern Hay Contest Awards, the Antique Tractor Parade, and the naming of the Farmer of the Year are all events that we look forward to every year. This year, AgAmerica is bringing some of its own ag traditions along to the show as well. The first is a group of young whip crackers who excel in a rodeo art form that arose out of Florida’s beef cattle roots. The second is a delectable book that corrals the tasty recipes and inspiring ag stories of Forrest Pritchard!

Whip cracking involves a choreographed display using one or two whips, whereby the whips are made to crack in patterns and do tricks like snuffing out candles. We’re bringing a group of young men who all have whip cracking and agriculture in their family roots: 18 year-old Cameron Cato, 17 year-old Ryan Waldman, 14 year-old Grayson Waldman, and 12 year-old Josiah Waldman all have put their talents on display at fairs and competitions across Central Florida, and they’ll take to the stage twice a day at the expo. We’re also proud to have Forrest Pritchard, author of “Gaining Ground,” along to share his produce-centric recipes and sustainable farming knowledge with us all. He’ll be leading two presentations daily at the expo, and we’ll have recipe cards and his new book, entitled Growing Tomorrow: A Farm-to-Table Journey for sale—along with a host of other giveaways—at the AgAmerica Lending booth.

We at AgAmerica Lending are proud to be a part of the Sunbelt Ag Expo, just as we are proud to be a part of every farmer and rancher’s operation. We help those in the country’s ag industry to grow and prosper with our low interest rates on ag loans, long amortizations, and outstanding 10-year line of credit.