Crop Diversification

Finding the right mix for your farm

AgAmerica is Committed to Helping Farmers Understand Their Diversification Options

We surveyed a broad range of growers in February 2016 to gain insights regarding how they decide which crops to plant every year and which crops not to plant. For many growers, changing crops from year to year or every two years is standard operating procedure to bolster soil health. But other challenges lurk and force an increasing number of farmers to change their crop plans.

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Crop Rotation is Just Part of Being a Farmer

But farmers who are just as focused on the economic side of the business as they are on the agronomic side understand the importance of changing the crops they plant periodically for financial health, too. This crop diversification is increasingly part of being a farmer, and it raises many questions for farmers.

Crop Diversification Means Making Challenging Decisions

Which crops offer a profitable future and which need to be replaced? “You need to change often to stay ahead of the competition and to satisfy the marketplace,” noted a fruit grower with upwards of 100 acres. He notes having added multiple new crops in recent years and continues looking for crops that are unique to his market but that fit with other crops on his farm.

“Moderately diversified operators who focus on their core strengths make for the strongest loan candidates. – Bryce Philpot, SVP of Operations and Finance at AgAmerica

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