Corporate Relationship Managers Jessica Slaughter and Blake Averitt discuss how they use their expertise as loan officers to bring financial solutions to farmers.

“Agriculture is a tough industry for anyone to succeed in and experiencing firsthand the dedication and perseverance needed to be successful in agriculture strengthened me as a person,” says Jessica Slaughter, Corporate Relationship Manager at AgAmerica. 

Jessica has over 12 years of experience working with farmers and ranchers to meet their financial goals for their operation. As a Florida native and a lifelong supporter of the agriculture community, Jessica has gained the direct agribusiness knowledge that other traditional loan officers lack. Growing up in agriculture and being active in 4-H and FFA taught her valuable life lessons and skills that helped prepare her to serve in her current role at AgAmerica Lending.

Blake Averitt, Corporate Relationship Manager at AgAmerica says “helping clients from every region of the United States brings new challenges that are specific to each region, with different needs of that farm operation.”

Blake has extensive experience assisting large farm operations with debt restructuring and financing strategies, as well as operation expansion into new markets. He advises borrowers to understand the new market and region they’re expanding to and not just the agribusiness.

An example of this would be to know where the water in the area is, “water is already a limited resource in many areas of the country and it’s only going to get worse,” he cautions. Leaning on attorneys at law firms focused on water law for advice and direction can have a significant long-term impact on the future success of their agribusiness.

As corporate relationship managers, both Blake and Jessica assist borrowers in developing successful financing strategies that serve the farmer in good times and in tough times – helping to ensure the future of American agriculture.

“These are life changing transactions – the reward is seeing how happy our borrowers and partners are with our financial solutions. At AgAmerica we strive to help ensure the future of American agriculture, and that means working with multi-generational family farms to help secure their operations’ longevity with a fitting debt structure – it’s special to be a part of that,” Blake adds.

Every farming operation has a unique set of needs, which most traditional ag loans can’t meet. Creating customized long-term farm financing loan packages is the best solution for an agribusiness to remain successful for the future.

“It’s important for our team to understand the operation, the micro and macro levels of their agribusiness, to ensure we are fitting them with the right financial solution. If we understand their niche in the agricultural industry and truly know their operation, it’s much easier to form the true, long-term partnership we aim to develop,” Jessica adds.

Jessica and Blake both understand the volatility of the agricultural industry and the financial challenges farmers and ranchers face. Their extensive ag real estate knowledge, coupled with their commitment to helping clients thrive and achieve their dreams in agriculture, is what sets them apart from other loan officers.

Whether you need to finance your operation, recover from the prior year, or buy more land, AgAmerica Lending can offer you a loan package that meets your needs. If you’re ready to partner with the nation’s premier land lender for your farm financing needs, contact us today.