See proposed changes to egg products inspection rules.

There may still be debate over whether the egg or the chicken came first, but if a newly proposed rule for egg products inspection is approved, there will be little difference between the inspection levels of eggs and poultry. Proposed in early January by the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), the recommended changes would amend current egg products inspection rules and require the modernization of egg products plants’ inspection systems and make egg products safer for consumption. See the details of the proposed changes below.

Suggested Changes to Egg Products Inspection Rules

The proposed changes to current egg products inspection rules look to modernize egg products plants’ inspection systems with the goal of creating egg products free of detectable pathogens. If approved, the amended rules will bring the process in line with current meat and poultry rules.

Proposed changes for the egg products inspection rules include:

  • Plants that process egg products will be required to develop Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) systems that align with those in meat and poultry regulations.
  • Plants that process egg products will have to create Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (Sanitation SOPs) and meet additional sanitation requirements similar to those of the meat and poultry industries.
  • Plants will be free to create food safety systems that best fit the facility and equipment as long as they conform to the other requirements.

Acting Deputy Under Secretary for Food Safety, Carmen Rottenberg, said in a USDA release about the proposed changes, “As we continue to modernize inspection systems and processes, we are committed to strengthening consistency across the services that FSIS inspection personnel carry out for the consuming public. This proposed rule will ensure the same level of inspection and oversight of all regulated products as we carry out our public health mission.”

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