Keep the barbecue grill going as long as possible this fall with these barbecue recipes from #AgAmericaEats that highlight favorite southeastern U.S. crops

Cooking barbecue is an American pastime that is taken very seriously in most parts of the country. And although barbecue is synonymous with summer, there are some foods that you crave all year-round. We’ve rounded up some of the best of the best barbecue recipes featuring favorite southeastern U.S. crops for the next offering of #AgAmericaEats. Fire up the grill and try one of these recipes that will bring everyone to the table.

Main Dish Barbecue Recipes: North Carolina Pulled Pork

Pulled pork recipes are a matter of pride in many parts of the country, North Carolina included. No matter where in the country you believe makes the best pulled pork, we can all agree that pork + sauce + slow barbecuing = good. This recipe utilizes bone-in pork shoulder roast, cabbage, seasonings, and a thin vinegar-based sauce that clings to every piece of shredded, succulent pork. Slather it over a hamburger roll and enjoy. Find the recipe here.

Sides for your Favorite Barbecue Recipescole-slaw

At most barbecues, the sides are nearly as important as the main dish. Try this side to keep everyone full and content.

Tennessee Crunchy Cabbage Peanut Slaw: Coleslaw is one of the most versatile side dishes at any barbecue. This recipe calls for cabbage, crunchy peanuts, a hint of spice from jalapenos, and dressing for a twist on an old favorite. Find the recipe here.

Dessert Dishes: Southern Style Georgia Pecan Pie

No barbecue is complete without dessert. Pecan pies are a southern specialty that complement any barbecue. This recipe takes ppecan pieecans, chocolate, plus a little bourbon and mixes them with corn syrup, butter, sugar, and eggs to create a southern culinary masterpiece. Find the recipe here.

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