Families & Their Farms

Planning for the Future

AgAmerica is committed to working with family farm operations, helping navigate the financial challenges of succession planning

A wide range of fruit, vegetable, and cotton growers were surveyed in July 2015 to identify and better understand the family dynamics at play in their businesses, their hopes and goals for keeping the business in the family, their timeline for selling the farm, and much more. Our findings provide insights about how family farms across the country are navigating the challenges associated with passing the farm down from one generation to the next.

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It’s All About the Family

Business owners understandably worry about many things when thinking about selling their business, but one concern clearly weighs on them most heavily: Setting the next generation up for success. That was the No. 1 concern when growers were asked to identify all of their concerns as well as being the most common choice when they were asked to identify their single-biggest concern.

The keys to successfully transitioning the farm will likely include a mix of education, preparation, communication, and perhaps, some flexibility.

This Land is your Legacy

In addition to creating their own legacy and helping the next generation get something of a head start on their own future, the growers we surveyed see real opportunity for the farm to benefit from a new generation’s leadership. While acknowledging that they need to work to ensure collaboration between the generations, they’re optimistic that this next generation will bring enormous knowledge and technology to the field.

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