Discover how agricultural products serve students in the classroom and beyond on a daily basis.

With August signaling the beginning of the school year for most students across the U.S., this month is the perfect time to learn more about farm and agricultural products used in classrooms every day.

Have you ever wondered how soy crayons are made? These crayons contain soybean oil rather than petroleum-based paraffin wax. As a result, they have smoother, brighter colors that do not flake. Other uses of soybeans and soybean oil in schools include: Cooking oil, soy ink (a nontoxic, renewable and environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-based inks that is regularly used to print textbooks), particleboard, and laminated plywood products, including cleaners, paints, and carpets.

Timber is an example of an industrial crop that’s used in schools. A fairly new use is in a building product that’s made by fusing crisscrossed layers of wood from small, diseased, or dead timber often left unharvested. It is being used to build new classrooms in Washington – and it’s receiving attention nationwide due to its many benefits. It’s economical, environmentally friendly, strong, and more flexible in earthquakes than steel, and it has the potential to prevent the spread of forest fires.

Other products that are made from timber and used in schools are: cabinets, chairs, tables, doors, pencils, paint brush handles, popsicle sticks, toothpicks, and playground materials.

In addition, agriculture has a big impact on recess for many schoolchildren. Modern leather footballs are made from cowhide, and just one cowhide can make 20 footballsBaseballs are also covered with cowhide, and cowhides are predominately used to create leather gloves as well.

As we head into the back to school season, be sure to thank our nation’s farmers and ranchers not only for the food on our tables, but also for the farm and agricultural products used in our schools.

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