See the options for Tennessee Farmers for the Farmers’ Market Boot Camp.

Those in the ag industry are always on the lookout for more ways to diversify their offerings. One way to add income to your agribusiness is by taking produce and value-added products to a farmers’ market. Tennessee farmers interested in exploring the rules and requirements for starting a food business should sign up for one of six Farmers’ Market Boot Camps being held around the state in late January and early February. See the details below.

Farmers Market Class Offerings for Tennessee farmers

The University of Tennessee’s Institute of Agriculture is offering six Farmers’ Market Boot Camp classes across Tennessee in late January and early February. The classes are for Tennessee farmers looking to start food businesses from their homes and farms and sell their products at farmers’ markets, roadside stands, and more. These classes explore topics such as what can be produced in a home kitchen, and what cannot. For example, items including eggs, meat, or poultry can only be produced in a commercial kitchen because of their potential for generating food borne illnesses. Classes will also include information on topics like marketing, trends, insurance, and production challenges.

Each class is presenting the same information. The following are the dates and locations of the six classes:

  • Clarksville on Jan. 30
  • Martin on Jan. 31
  • Memphis on Feb. 1
  • Blountville on Feb. 6
  • Alcoa on Feb. 7
  • Shelbyville on Feb. 8

Registration is required, and you must register five business days in advance to attend a session. Sessions run from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM with check-in beginning at 9:00 AM, and cost $20.

Tennessee farmers can gain new insight into additional income streams from attending one of these boot camps. With ag economic forecasts predicting little growth in the ag industry, agritourism and cottage industries like homemade food businesses could be a good option for farmers and ranchers looking to boost profits.

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