Florida’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) introduced the Fresh From Florida campaign a few years ago to promote Florida-grown products. The program has been a hit, and it’s set to expand; Florida’s up-and-coming peaches just may be one of the newest items to get the star treatment, according to Darica Smith, the division’s director of marketing, in an article published in The Packer.

Peaches experienced a rough winter growing season due to unusually high temperatures, rough winds, and wet weather felt all over the Southeast. However, the spring season, which runs through March and April, seems to be on track, and peaches are ready for the limelight. As a relatively newcomer to Florida’s fruit offerings, peaches are growing in popularity with growers and consumers alike. Peaches have been touted as a type of produce to help fill the hole left by citrus greening.  To assist farmers in their crop diversification or in converting a part of their grove to another crop, such as peaches, AgAmerica Lending offers the Citrus Grove Conversion Program.

The Fresh From Florida program has $1.5 million slated for new tactics in 2015-2016, such as in-store promotions and an increased social media presence. Growers get a discount on packaging, retailers get incentives, and customers like buying fresh, local produce. Peach growers would definitely benefit from joining the ranks of blueberries, strawberries, bell peppers, and sweet corn— all participants in the Fresh From Florida program.

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AgAmerica team member, Breanna Wilson, picking fresh Florida peaches.