Read the news about Georgia Grown and what’s in season in Georgia now and in the coming months.

Georgia is a leading agriculture-producing state, ranking 14th in the nation. Georgia’s ag industry is getting a helping hand with a new slogan by the Georgia Department of Agriculture to highlight the ag-friendly nature of the state. Explore the new developments of Georgia Grown and what’s in season in the upcoming months, below.

Georgia Grown and What’s in Season                                                            

Georgia Grown, the marketing brand of the Georgia Department of Agriculture, announced their new slogan at the Southeast Regional Fruit and Vegetable Conference (SERFVC) in Savannah in mid-January. The new slogan is meant to help continue the upward growth of the Georgia Grown brand, and to highlight Georgia’s prospects for agriculture to attract more affiliated growers. The new slogan maintains that Georgia is “Nature’s Favorite State.”

According to a Vegetable and Specialty Crop News (VSCNews) article, Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture, Gary Black, said, “There’s so many good things that happen in Georgia, and so many great growers and diverse commodities with the ability to produce most of the year.”

What’s in Season

Georgia’s ag industry benefits from a mild climate that affords nearly a year-round growing season. There are many crops that are in season in now and through the summer when the hot weather and the summer growing season really get under way. You can find the following fresh produce that is ‘Georgia Grown’ right now or soon in your grocery store or produce market:

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